Friday, August 16, 2013

Pretty Blocks

This pretty block is PAPER PIECED and can be found HERE
I keep all the paper in and sewed it all together then took all the paper out.
The fabrics are beautiful Art Gallery Fabrics.
I am so excited to have this block made I saw it from the lovely Melanie Dramatic on her website and intagram!
I died over this block and had to have one.
The fabrics are Art Gallery fabrics and HERE IS HOW TO MAKE THIS BLOCK BY MELANIE GO HERE.

This block is APPIQUE Block designed by Amada Murphy And you can find the pattern HERE
I hope you enjoy these. I had fun challenging myself to sew again so I plan to make the third block a little more complicated using the same color pallet. 


  1. that is going to be so cute!! How are you going to join them up?

  2. Hi Lattegirl40! Thank you for commenting! I plan just to join the 3 blocks with a sashing strip. Then quilting the table runner : )
    I hope it turns out nice : )

  3. I looooove it!!!! And thank you!

  4. Melanie, I hope to see you at quilt market your work is so awesome!

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