Wednesday, March 26, 2008

White Doll Arts

It is an honor to have my bags in such a beautiful shop! I would love to go there and meet Emma, she is a wonderful person and her name Emma Litten and the pottery shop seem to be a place out of a romantic novel.

  The shop
I like this one it is made with AMY BUTLER  fabrics mixed with others from my stash, I think It's a great  combo.

These bags all went to   Emma Litten  White doll Arts 
She has the most beautful shop in london.  "I have a small gallery/shop right on the sea in a lovely old fisherman's stone house called White Doll Arts. I specialise in selling handmade crafts and the shop has a good reputation and has been running for 9 years. I am a big supporter of artists and the immense time and effort and love that goes into their work and I think I have built up a string of customers who feel the same."

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

crow for Lillian

Bird bags

The little crow pouch was made for a woman who lives in El Paso Texas.

I love the crow, but it sits a little low. The owl is called Mr. Lonely... he is looking for a good home, He needs to be fed every day with makeup keys, or a cellphone, or even your supplies. He is very sweet and soft, makes a great pet. You can bathe him once in a while.

Carol Grillo

This is Carol working one of the many craft shows that she does. 
She is amazing, only 29 and has her own company. 

I LOVE Fofysfactory!

I love Carol Grilo! She owns her own company called "Foysfactory". It's truely adorable!
I love everything she makes! I especially love the fabrics she uses since they are bought in Brazil.
They are very different than the fabrics we get here in La. I purchased three bags and plan to buy more.