Insulated Lunch Bag

                                         2 hour bag using a Simplicity Pattern                                       

   Scrappy Hearts


  1. I think the lunch bag is so cute and wanted to make one for my granddaughter but I am totally lost on the directions. What is "true grid?" I tried to find the definition for it but all I could find was true grit. I have been sewing for years and years but couldn't wrap my head around this tutorial. Sorry. Love your blog site.

  2. Hi Oleeda, this is what true grid is sorry if I used the wrong term http://www.joann.com/pellon-quilter-s-grid-fusible-nonwoven-grid-44-w-x-25yds/prd14627/
    It is great to make patterns with! very light and transparent so that you can see through it for fussy cutting. Anyhow. You can use this to make patterns.
    The instructions to get this lunch bag are here:
    hope this helps : )


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