Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2 HOUR BAG TUTORIAL! (Quick and easy)

Bag made with Art Gallery Fabrics Modernology warm and oval elements.
The fabrics are amazing to sew with! I love this fabric so much. I would love to make a million things out of this and I would love every color in the Oval elements! My sister -in-law Theresa, helped me take this photo and she might take the bag!

                                      SEWING PATTERN Simplicity 1823
1. Cut out bag ---- 2 pieces MAIN print ---- 2 pieces LINING (about 1 yard of fabric for both lining and Main print)

 2.  I was a little bit short on fabric for my main print so I left the selvage. I will hide it when I sew it.

 3. Cut out Pocket 6 1/2 ' x 7 1/2 '  * (this is not in the pattern)  from left over lining pieces .
 4. Stitch pocket (right sides together) like this:  see graphic above leave hole for flipping open

 Stitching the pocket in this way will make a perfect fold in when you turn it right side out.
 5. top stitch pocket with 2 rows or use decoritve stitch.
 6. pin pocket to lining and stitch pocket see graphic above for reinforcement. (See HERE.
7. Sew Main print RIGHT Sides together then stitch Lining the same way but leave a hole on the side of lining about 6.5 inches to turn bag out through the lining hole.
8. press seams open on LINING and MAIN 
9. Turn MAIN Right side out and place inside LINING. Pin very well all the way around. Stitch them together leaving 2 inches open from handle.

 (leave open 2 inches away both LINING AND MAIN away from handle) makes sure to back stitch here.

 10. Clip curves and pull bag through opening in the side LINING to turn RIGHT side out. Use a chopstick if necessary to pull handle through.
 11. Turn handles in this way RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER.
 PIN well matching seams.
 12. Handle should look like this , turn opening in and Press well.

 13. Press well all the way around.
 14. Top stitch all the way around, I opened my stitch length for this.
 15. OPTION sew in velcro for closure. I cut my velcro 2 inches and stitched it after the top stitch line in the center inside of the bag. (It is good to use a velcro color that compliments the bag. I think tan, pink white and black are the available colors.)

Congratulations YOU ARE DONE!!!!!!!! Hopefully it only took a couple hours. Now time to fly!
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Love, Frances

Fabrics are AMY BUTLER - "Nigela"and "Its A chick thing" Designed exclusively for Wilmington Prints by Design Trends.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

I love this pattern by Lazy Girl "Run Around Bag"

This pattern by Lazy Girl Designs is soooooo easy I would call it the 2 hour bag, that's about how long it takes! It is so much fun to make and could be a great gift idea. I plan to make many more.
The second bag was was made using Kate Spain Good Fortune Fabric for Moda. I tried to make my own block. I would like to make this bag again maybe tweek the block a bit. : )
PS Fabrics are from scrapbags found here. My lovely friend Nancy gave me a surprise scrapbag with the fabrics.
Adorable made by a dear friend in Brazil! Regina Outerio here is her blog I just wanted to share since I think she saw the bag on my blog and made it! Thanks Lazy Girl for making such a great pattern!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Making Flowers

Using the Kanzahi Clover flower maker was great fun. I truely got addicted!
You can make them while watching tv. The directions say to link them as you go but I found that making each pettel seperatly, pinching the bottom then sewing it. was a bit easier.
Here are some ideas I made using the flower maker...

1. small pincushion filled with rice and batting 
2. Little flower quilt adding the flowers and cute buttons.
 3. Supplies: Needle thread, scissors, fabric piece, and flower maker.
 4. Make sure to start at the back in position #1 then turn the flower maker over and continue to follow      the numbers.
 5. Strawberry pincushion filled with rice and polyfill stuffing.
6. 99 cents store head band with flower and fabric covered button.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Positively Pinapple

Back in the saddle again. I made this quilt several years ago and just found this photo... It is from the book "Positivly Pinapple" I took a class with Nancy Helpinstill and she helped pick all the fabrics...yummylishious?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

FREE TABLE RUNNER PATTERN! from my house to yours!

My cute table runner pattern can be done in one afternoon! Get the pattern HERE

I would love to see what you do with it! Please let me know if you make one and I will post on my blog!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Is This Cute or What?

I'm in love with this adorable pattern by Cinderberry stitches
You can get it Here

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sorry I've been gone.

About a year and a half ago, I got pregnant miraculously at 44! I had a baby Boy. He is a huge blessing to my husband and I. My pregancy was terrible. I suffered Hyperemesis gravidarum I had to quit my job and I lived in a curled up fetal position for 6 months! It was one of the worst things I have physically been through. It was worth it all in the end. My son is beautiful and amazing. He is truly a miracle.


Did you know that Art Gallery Fabrics gives away beautiful free patterns??? WOW I had now idea. Check it out.HERE These are just a few of the ones I liked in the photo above.