Thursday, September 27, 2012

Making Flowers

Using the Kanzahi Clover flower maker was great fun. I truely got addicted!
You can make them while watching tv. The directions say to link them as you go but I found that making each pettel seperatly, pinching the bottom then sewing it. was a bit easier.
Here are some ideas I made using the flower maker...

1. small pincushion filled with rice and batting 
2. Little flower quilt adding the flowers and cute buttons.
 3. Supplies: Needle thread, scissors, fabric piece, and flower maker.
 4. Make sure to start at the back in position #1 then turn the flower maker over and continue to follow      the numbers.
 5. Strawberry pincushion filled with rice and polyfill stuffing.
6. 99 cents store head band with flower and fabric covered button.


  1. This is so cute... I want to make a bunch with my leftover 'stash' material! :D

  2. It is so much fun! You get addicted! I used the larger size. It is very easy. But you may want to use a thimble after a while : )
    I think it is so cute for gifts. I even thought of putting one on a christmas stocking : )


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