Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Passion for French Cross stitch designs!

I am suddenly in love with Cross stitch designs from France. Prices are always higher with international designers. But just might be worth it for these.
I came across this wonderful site for purchasing these designs:

1. JP-Douceur de vivre
2. TR-Kokeshis

feebies cross stitch

Get pattern for rabbit here:

I spent a day researching some cute free downloads and picked these: I hope you enjoy them : )
to get the patterns click below, numbers correspond to the numbers above:
(1) girl giving gifts
(2) reindeer
(3) Christmas elf house

(4) cute bunnies

(5) country cow

a taste of provence...
(1) girl
(2) lavender
wonderful free charts from Casey Buonaugurio get them hereFree cross stitch patterns from KOREA!
Get them here!