Monday, January 19, 2009

Valentine's Scrappy Hearts Tutorial


  1. These are so beautiful.What a way to make hearts!!

  2. I love the heart stitch? What machine do you have? I've never seen that stitch before. And I love the potholder or coaster idea. Great for your kids' teachers.

  3. Thank you so much for writing me. I have a bernina artista 730E. It is expensive and I am still paying it off after 5 years. But I love that machine. It has many decorative stitches and the hearts was one of them. But you can use any decorative stitch and set it as big as you can.
    Just have fun and use those stitches you never use!

  4. love this!! so cute!! will definitely make some of these!!

    1. super fun!!!!! Please post them so I can see them!!!!!

  5. O what a pity, I think I'm to late to grab the pattern cause when I click on the bottom I got the message 'this page isn' t found'šŸ˜­


  6. Valentine's scrappy hearts are pure charm! The mix of fabrics adds a delightful touch, making each heart unique. They're perfect for DIY decor, gifts, or crafting with loved ones. Games To Explore These whimsical hearts carry the spirit of love in every stitch, spreading warmth and affection.


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