Thursday, February 25, 2010


I feel in love with this pattern at Joann's website under projects here!
I make a pattern out of "True Grid"
it is great for pattern making light and you can see through it. I plan to make more so this way I don't have to measure my pieces every time.
baste insul bright to wrong side of main fabric.then cut away the 2 1/2 " corners  
Making the straps and ties see below. (steps 1-9)  (1) Iron strap wrong sides together. (2-5) Fold one side to the center place strap webbing then fold the other side towards it. Fold again continuing to iron between each step. Pin and stitch 1/8 each side. (be careful of pins. I always get stabbed on this step!!!!! (6) I like to use the lip of my sewing foot. Then sew down the middle of your strap to make a nice finish. 
Repeat this process with out the webbing for ties (9)

measure 3" inches in on right side edge and left side edge of fabric to place handle. Becareful not to twist.
Sew strap on to each front. Matching the 1/8 ' stitches except the center. Sew up to insilbright then turn and go down other side of strap. Repeat other bag front. 
Measure one inch down from insil bright, (I fold my fabric back temporally to see where it is)
mark in the center between where the strap are. This is for the button. I use a large wood button; I like the natural look for the lunch bag.  NEXT on the other piece of bag ...
mark 2' from the TOP of bag (raw edge) this is where the tie will go. (see instructions above on ties and handles)
sew tie, parallel to raw edge (for some reason I got confused here so hope this pic helps)

sew bag pieces together (1/2 ' seems) and lining pieces together leaving a hole on the side towards the bottom of lining for turning.
press seams open.
stitch corners 1/2' seams becareful on the bag front there are LOTS of layers! Stitch slowly going over all the layers!

bag should look something like this, front is inside out. Now turn right side out.
Keep lining inside out.

Place (turned Right side out  bag inside lining. Match seams pin very well stitch around top 1/2 '.
Turn out through lining hole.

 Slip lining inside the bag and make sure that the top edge is lined up. Press REALLY WELL . DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.

top stitch around about 1/8' I like to use the lip of my sewing foot.
Congrats you are done! YEEEPEE! 
now make an awesome lunch. It will keep hot or cold!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lunch bag made by others

Thank you so much Sandy for making this beautiful bag, you have been an amazing encouragement to me these few weeks. I just love you : )
Check out Lattegirl40 blog HERE

Thanks to Sewspoiled for checking out my blog and making this cute bag!
I love the fabrics she choose. Wasn't it fun to make? 
Antother pretty bag by Nicole Ferguson.

Cute doll pins and felt dolls!

 I made these dolls at Christmas after seeing these at Posie gets Cozy
I flipped over them. I thought they were so cute. But I had to make a Korean one, since one of my best friends is Korean : ) She loved it! They are really fun to make and you can find the supplies at Jo-anns
fabrics or Micheals. You need to download the template for the dress and get the Doll pin heads, and stands. And Doll pins. Some skilled painting is required : D I used flesh colored acrylic in the little bottle to paint the heads first.
Also no machine sewing required, I used my pinking shears for the bottom of the dresses and just gathered the top by hand, as if making a yo-yo.

I made these using this book as my inspiration. I did not make them into finger puppets I cut a circle for the bottom, stitched around it to close in the stuffing. I then made a little bed with sewn slots for each doll. The bed rolls up and closes with a ribbon tie. My friend Jean's kids really liked them and now do little puppet shows. This was their Christmas gift.