Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Love for Applique This is the Starch and Freezer paper method.

 This is Hand Applique using the freezer paper amd Starch method. I love this book called "Hop To It!" Applique'd Blocks & Projects by Edyta Sitar fo Laundry Basket Quilts.
I am showing you my supplies that I used for the class I took. 

Fabric safe ink pen or pencil (Identi-pen, thin line Sharpie, micron pen, or mechanical pencil; something permanent on paper that won't transfer to fabric if hot or wet. (Regular ball point pen is NOT good.)
Light box
Freezer paper
Small sharp scissors for fabric, and paper scissors
Stencil brush 1/4 inch or paint brush--I use a paintbrush with a base of 1/4 inch
Mini iron with holder ie: Clover
Spray starch and a small container to hold the starch, like a mini jam jar
Roxanne's Glue-baste-it, a small container is fine, but not the teeny tiny one-it's too hard to squeeze
Small ironing surface to press your fabric on, I use an Omnigrid combination cutting and pressing board
Thread to match fabrics (I like DMC 50 weight, silk 100 weight if you already have it, Masterpiece, Bottom Line; the smaller the thread the less it will show)
Emery board
Stiletto or wooden skewer

Needles (I like skinny ones, size 10, 11 or 12; the 12s bend easily tho; I prefer Applique sharps--milliners or straw needles are good, betweens are also OK but they are very short.)
Masking tape to hold pattern and fabric to light box; 

I love Perfect circles templates, you can iron on them they are by Karen Kay Buckley
HERE you can also get the bigger ones HERE

 I used modern fabrics with keeping the same color pallet for all my blocks. I ran out of the rassbery modled fabric and had to find something to match. Boy what a challenge!
 For me the eayiest way to make the stems is simply to cut the fabric on the bias and fold and iron it to make strips then cut the strips to the length you need them. I might have to make a tutorial on this : )
 It takes me an entire day just to starch the block and cut out all the pieces (sans sewing) and glue them in place.

Sewing them down will be done later.
Unfinished block still needs large circle berries.
I am still not great at turning under the flags left on my leaves does anyone have a good trick for this??
What is great about hand applique is you can simply carry all your supplies in a tuperware container and go!

I found a nice tutorial Here

One thing to note, is I used double freezer paper to make my templates a little stronger. You want to iron 2 sheets of frezer paer together smooth out the wrinkles then trace your shapes.


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