Saturday, August 31, 2013

A "Quicky" Table Runner

I love this book by Rashida Coleman-Hale called "I Love Patchwork"Every project is really cute. I made this table runner and it was so so fun!!!!
It is really easy to do and requires so little fabric!!!!!! All you need is one fat quarter for the solid it calles for linen but I didn't have any so I choose this neutral solid fat quarter that I had.
Then all you need is 3 colors scraps. Less than a quarter yd would do it. 
Would make a great home warming gift. I really want to make more.
Check out Rashida Coleman- Hale's blog HERE
Also you can get the book at Amazon HERE

I love how few pieces of fabric you need for this project!

If you are a med / or beginner this is a good lesson in practicing your quilting tecnique.
I marked the background using Roxanne Chalk Marking Pencil white. It is really great because the lines lasted long enough then disappeared on it's own. The hardest part for me in making this was marking where the "zig zag" lines went. 
Close up I missed the stitch in the ditch a little bit oh well...
No one is perfect lol!
I really enjoyed making this! It took so little time surprising!!!!!

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