Monday, September 2, 2013

A Modern World...

It seems like I came out of a coma after having my baby. In the 3 years from the tough pregnancy till now, A huge explosion of the modern quilt world happened in blog world and somehow I missed the train. I love so many things that I am seeing! I have not had much time to sew working full time as a graphic motion designer at NBC and trying to pursue a carreer as a fabric designer and having a toddler! So with all that said I am trying to catch up to all these beautiful projects that people are sewing on Instagram, Flickr, and Blogs. I thought I would take some baby steps lately and just expirement (which is what I love to do most) and make blocks with out making a full sized quilt. But if you like these I will always try to give info so you can make them.  

This pretty block came from HERE.
 I used Art Gallery Fabrics with one scrap from my stash and White print for background from my stash.


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