Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Introducing UTOPIA!

 Seriously excited to announce my third fabric collection with Art Gallery Fabrics! You ask another so soon with the launch of Cherie? Well yes why not! I was supposed to launch in portland of 2013 and due to not being quiet ready… when I was supposed to launch, long story in my not so easy journey with fabric design.  But I got to launch two at the same time and I am beyond thrilled. This collection is filled with intense colors and below you can read my concept behind it. This line is scheduled to arrive in shops OCTOBER 2014 see details HERE

Journey to an idealistic society, a city of incredible colors captured only in dreams, a place that is filled with vibrancy and ignites our deepest longings and hopes. Your imagination will be inspired you travel through …the enchanting trees and coves. The colors will pop off the fabric as it takes you to this magical land.

Art Gallery fabrics is now offering Voile and knits! So you can see the pieces from Utopia that are offered in Voile and Knits! So incredibly exciting! The quilty is number one in feel! I can't wait!

I hope you will enjoy sewing with this collection as much as I enjoy seeing all your projects! 


  1. fantastic!!! holy smokes you are launching 2 more lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! absolutely amzing! love love love!!!

  2. These are gorgeous! Congratulations

  3. oh my goodness Frances, this is amazing. My favourite so far. Love it :-)

  4. Yummy! I love all those colors. Great job!!!

  5. Really looking forward to see what you do for display at Market with this wonderful collection. Hope to meet you when in Pittsburgh!


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