Sunday, April 20, 2014


                                   This spring at Pittsburgh my booth will be for my "Cherie" fabric line.
 One of the fun parts of getting ready for Market is selecting the best blenders that go with your fabric line. I went through all of Art Gallery Fabrics Blenders and selected colors from all of the blenders that I thought looked the best with Cherie. I hope this chart might be useful to anyone who makes projects in the future. It was hard work to make this but worth it in the end! Now I can break down the elements for the specific projects. I am loving the color pallet as I select the wonderful AGF coordinating fabrics.

Each Cherie fabric will get a coordinate for its project. Sometimes a designer has to 'Stretch' the fabric for market because we do not get a lot from our strike offs. So it's time to get creative!
Jeni Baker of In Color Order is amazing at stretching her projects for Quilt market. She can take a quarter yard of fabric and somehow turn it into something remarkable and with not a lot of cost. She also said volume is good. Like pillows or things that fill your booth so it looks full.
This is one of the projects I moked up in photoshop that I plan to make when my fabric strike offs arrive. The pattern is called Candy Dish 16' square pillows by JayBird Quilts.
I am excited about the look of this pillow and I hope the real one will be as cute : )
anyways. I still have a lot of planing to do and a lot of sewing with some help from dear friends.
It's gonna be a mad rush to the finish! I hope you come see me if you go to market and anyone who has
any cute ideas or patterns they would like to share with me. I really welcome anything!
Think about going to Paris!   Much Love , Frances


  1. Your collection looks wonderful! Good luck at market!

  2. wish I could make it to market - must be an amazing time :-) All the best in getting all the sewing done in time :-)

  3. Love the pop of teal. One day, my goal is to make it to quilt market…I hope you have fun and all the hard work pays off :-) Again love your new line.

  4. I cannot wait to get my hands on this line! I love how feminine it is without looking like its made only for little girls' items (but obviously it would work beautifully for that too!) Absolutely brilliant!


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