Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Elephant Softie Free Pattern

 I Adore this free pattern by Birch Fabrics! HERE is the  FREE PATTERN AND TUTORIAL        
Super simple and fun to make! I am showing you the pieces so you can see how easy. I used my name from the salvage edge on my Safari Moon collection as the tail! You can use any salvage edge just cut with pinking sheers. 
 This is so fast to put together it comes is 2 sizes! It is so cute in real life and great for a baby gift if you don't have a lot of time. I made one for a baby so I used felt eyes and the other for my friend's daughter who is 8 so I could use buttons for the eyes.
 The small size is super uber cute!
Thank You Birch Fabrics and Christina McKinney!  I want to make a million of these! 


  1. fantastic!!! look so cute in your fabric!!!

  2. oh, and the cutest part and missed it the first time the salvage tail!!!!

  3. I made these . So cute and easy!

  4. Oh I know just the person who would like on of those


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