Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fabric store in Brazil

This is the fabric store in Brazil called Maluhy it is located in Sau Paulo. The city is the largest in Brazil and is located in the South East of the country. I love this shot it looks so old world for some reason. Very different from the quilt stores in the USA. I wounder how they get to the fabrics???? I think they have some help. Wonderful shot taken by Fa Giandoso.


  1. Hello Frances: A very nice picture, in Mexico they still have the fabric stacked this way, I will try to take a picture of a fabric store and sent it to you.

  2. I so would like to be at there... We do have Fernando Maluhy fabrics at here, but... its not the same... SP has just everything!
    I am at the NorthEast part of the country but I am originaly from Rio de Janeiro. Girl... I do miss that! =)


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