Saturday, June 14, 2008

Brazilian Influence

These are my latest creations, the top right is called "rain forest", the bottom is called "Brazilian summer set". These fabrics were sent to me by my friends in Brazil, Carol Grillo and Fa Giandoso. The challenge for me was to take the Brazilian fabric and mix it with my own stash and create something special. I had a great time doing this. I let the fabric tell me what the idea for the pouch would be.


  1. With different fabrics, different ideas!
    I love the way they influenced your ideas!

  2. WOW thanks so much Carol! It's because of you my found love for Brazil!

  3. ok wow why did i not know you had a blog?? where the heck have i been? how wonderful! you are so inspiring to me.. now to not sit by the pool... and sit in the cool and sew..

  4. Sooooo cute!!!, very good work, and I love the fabric. xoxo Lillian

  5. Well... the fabric really spoke loud and clear: you got the Braz flavour indeed!=D
    Great job!

  6. What a gorgeous blog, Frances! I absolutely love these creations! I particularly like the toucan one. We saw some toucans in the jungles of Guatemala one time, and they were gorgeous!



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