Monday, January 8, 2018

1st baby food!!!! The best book for natural purees

I loved this book so much when I had my baby... I created this post years ago but never published it.
I thought I would share that I made my baby his food and never bought store bought baby food. It is so easy to make your own baby food. All you need to do is peel, boil and jar.

The recipes in this book are so wonderful and easy... All natural.

This is how I freeze and stored my food. In containers and jars from local hardware store and 99c stores. I made rough paper labels taped it to the jars so I knew what it was. You could also date the jars. NOT fancy at all.

its so easy to boil your fruits and vegetables then drain the water then puree. I actually peeled the apple first then boiled.

This is the first real food Jonah had. Purreed peas. Peas have to be purreed a long time because they have a rough texture and are not as smooth as other vegetables.

He used to sit in this chair and lick the spoon later on but they recalled this chair. I was sad about that because I loved this chair.

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  1. This is so cool and your baby is cute. You did a great job by preparing Jonah's food. Its very healthy and he enjoy the food. We'll try this once I had my own family. Thank you.

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