Wednesday, October 30, 2013

HOUSTON QUILT MARKET 2013, International Houston Quilt Market 2013, FALL QUILT MARKET HOUSTON 2013

Houston we don't have a problem, I am here! I am saying this for good reason, my husband and I had so much trouble getting to Houston but it all worked out!!!!! Thank God.
Set up is fun but stressful, after so many months of planning the booth is so differnent in reality... it was much smaller than I thought. John helped me so much arranging all the hand made things and decorating the booth. 

The George R. Brown Convention Center is one of the 10 largest in the nation
You can see some of the bags other things on the side wall of my booth... what's wrong with my face???
Pat Bravo's Rapture booth was gorgeous.

 Rapture won 2nd place double booth award!!!
I absolutely love the cups with paint in it ! It was so so pretty!
Could you die over Jeni Baker's Dreamin Vintage? I wanted to take home everything in her booth!
Her new line is gonna be a huge hit what a great great concept... vintage sheet designs from the 50,60s 70's Wonderful!!!!!!
So empressed that Jeni sews and quilts everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO HELP AT ALL!!!!!! She is amazing.
Anglea Walters Drift fabric line is to die for, One of my favorites of her collections. Seriously need a photo of her reverse applique quilt it was unbelievable I am sorry I don't have a picture.

Leah Dunchan had a gorgeous booth too, Her new line is called Meadow so painterly and beautiful.

Love the details and the rug that really looked like grass!
The beautiful Leah is like Grace Kelly so ellegant and graceful.

AGF is so creative ! Always the most artistic mulitple booth displays.

Shocked how good chile con queso is! Thanks Jacey Lucas for taking us to an awesome resturant!

Alex is so so fun!
I love the AGF women! I wish I had more pics of you guys!!!!!
Walter must be the nicest man on the planet! He is always happy and works so hard.
John got Roasted by Angela Walters... should I be proud or embarrased??? hehehehe
AGF Designers we are missing BARI J : and Bonnie Chistine. (  Wonderful group of women and I am so honored to be standing here amongst them.)


  1. Enjoyed your post so much!! All the boots were really so gorgeous!!!You all did such an awesome job!!!You must be so proud for your well deserved award;)

    1. Thank You so much Katarina, It was so much fun , hard work but a blast, yes I am so beyond excited to win! xoxooxxo

  2. So much fun!! Again congratulations on the booth win! It was much deserved!! And I know your line is going to do great, because it is great!!
    And I vote proud of your husband, while chuckling!! He's a great sport!!

    1. Thank you Sandy for coming to look! Yes this was so much fun and I am thrilled, John was a super support to me! Not sure if he will do it again but all the women loved him lol!


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