Monday, January 25, 2010

In love with Potholders!

I am in love with this book called 101 Fun to Quilt Pot Holders. There are so many cute patterns
and they are very fun to piece. They make great gifts and when you are looking for a small project, this is very satisfiying. Also a great way to use up some of your fabric scraps lying around. Below I show you my quick technique...

I use a flying geese ruler only because it is exactly 8.5 inches squared. This is the size of the potholders in the book and even if you are just using fabric with out piecing this is the size I like to cut. I use (2) 8.5 squares of regular warm and natural batting, and (1) heat safe (Insul-Bright)
8.5 inch square. I cut (1) 1.5 inch x 5 strip for the hanger and fold over 3 x s. Make sure to layer as folows:
front side and back side R sides together then the all the battings below the front and back fabrics.
Stitch all the way around with little hanger in place in the corner. Leave opening for turning.
And guess what? I used the blind stitch on my sewing machine to close the hole. It worked great. No hand sewing yippee!


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