Sunday, September 30, 2012

I love this pattern by Lazy Girl "Run Around Bag"

This pattern by Lazy Girl Designs is soooooo easy I would call it the 2 hour bag, that's about how long it takes! It is so much fun to make and could be a great gift idea. I plan to make many more.
The second bag was was made using Kate Spain Good Fortune Fabric for Moda. I tried to make my own block. I would like to make this bag again maybe tweek the block a bit. : )
PS Fabrics are from scrapbags found here. My lovely friend Nancy gave me a surprise scrapbag with the fabrics.
Adorable made by a dear friend in Brazil! Regina Outerio here is her blog I just wanted to share since I think she saw the bag on my blog and made it! Thanks Lazy Girl for making such a great pattern!

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  1. Thanks for sharing my bag, Frances! This is a honror for me!
    I'm in New York now with my daughter Sarah ( . It's snowing! I'm in love!


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